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Dec 9, 2020 7:17:47 PM

Capsid titer quantification for AAV-based therapeutics

AAV capsids on Gyrolab CD


Vectors based on AAV (adeno-associated virus) are used widely in gene therapy for in vivo gene delivery. The success of AAV-based therapeutic production depends on the availability of laboratory tools that can efficiently deliver reliable data, including the determination of virus particle titer (physical titer). To achieve this, a team at AstraZeneca searched for an immunoassay platform that could improve on ELISA in terms of dynamic range, sample volume, and productivity. Their evaluation showed that Gyrolab® system met their needs for AAV process development, with a more reliable measurement of AAV capsid titer for in-process and purified samples.

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Jan 15, 2020 7:35:53 AM

Putting a new spin on immunoassays for cell and gene therapy – Part 2

Careful platform choice generates data with higher quality to support DOE


Putting a new spin on immunoassays for cell and gene therapy – Part 2Harnessing the power of cell and gene therapy involves a large range of analytical methods that can deliver robust results to support rapid data driven decision-making. One assay development team has used immunoassays to track a transgene IgG product. Their choice of immunoassay platform enabled them to generate high quality data that supported Design of Experiments to quickly optimize cell culture.

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Jan 15, 2020 7:35:35 AM

Putting a new spin on immunoassays for gene therapy – Part 1

How to detect vector immunogenicity 24× faster and with 10× less sample


Putting a new spin on immunoassays for gene therapy – Part 1Cell and gene therapy promises to revolutionize medicine by correcting underlying genetic causes of disease or conferring new functions to cells to combat disease and has already seen spectacular successes in health care, ranging from curing rare eye diseases, to the treatment of sickle cell disease and a number of cancers. Immunoassays can be important analytical tools in cell and gene therapy and the careful choice of an immunoassay platform can improve productivity by boosting workflows, data quality and greatly reducing the consumption of precious samples, for example in detecting antibodies against lentivirus vectors that are commonly used in cell and gene therapy.

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