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Jan 15, 2020 7:35:35 AM

Putting a new spin on immunoassays for gene therapy – Part 1

How to detect vector immunogenicity 24× faster and with 10× less sample


Putting a new spin on immunoassays for gene therapy – Part 1Cell and gene therapy promises to revolutionize medicine by correcting underlying genetic causes of disease or conferring new functions to cells to combat disease and has already seen spectacular successes in health care, ranging from curing rare eye diseases, to the treatment of sickle cell disease and a number of cancers. Immunoassays can be important analytical tools in cell and gene therapy and the careful choice of an immunoassay platform can improve productivity by boosting workflows, data quality and greatly reducing the consumption of precious samples, for example in detecting antibodies against lentivirus vectors that are commonly used in cell and gene therapy.

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Apr 25, 2016 3:09:07 PM

Finding the best platform for fit-for-purpose ADA assays

Gyrolab system delivers

ADA.pngDetermining the immunogenic potential of a therapeutic antibody is a regulatory requirement during clinical development since anti-drug antibodies (ADA) can cause undesirable effects, ranging from loss of drug exposure and efficacy to serious adverse events. Justine Brose and her colleagues at Novimmune SA, Geneva, Switzerland evaluated four platforms to determine which platform and sample pre-treatment procedures could deliver a fit-for-purpose assay for ADA analysis to determine the immunogenicity of the therapeutic antibody Novimab. Of the platforms tested (ELISA and Gyrolab, Meso Scale Discovery, and AlphaLISA platforms) only Gyrolab and MSD platforms met all of their pre-specified assay requirements.


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Jun 29, 2015 5:28:00 PM

Gyrolab at AAPS National Biotechnology Conference 2015

Anti-Drug Antibody analysis dominates the Gyrolab related posters



The AAPS National Biotechnology Conference, held June 8–10 in San Francisco, USA, was presented as THE pharmaceutical biotechnology meeting. The conference certainly generated a high concentration of scientists from the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, ready to network and find out about the latest developments in science and analysis platforms. Gyros Inc. was there with Gyrolab xP workstation and Gyrolab xPlore and we enjoyed a lot of activity at our booth, supported by five independent posters presented during the meeting. Four of these focused on Anti-Drug Antibodies (ADA):


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